Joseph Zender at Randy's Donuts

Captivating California: Showcasing the Best of the Golden State

“I’m proud to celebrate the launch of “Captivating California,” this eclectic travel channel sets the stage for rediscovering the delights of Southern Cal’s extensive history, culture, and arts,” said Joseph Zender, a well-traveled writer, and show creator, doing his part to bring the world of travel directly to you. “Hello there! We all know 2020 has been an unusual year, but with this new production my goal is to accentuate the positive…

Harley Davidson Rider

Universal Anti-slip Motorcycle Seat

For this campaign I was asked to write several long-form ads, product descriptions, and website copy for a company selling anti-slip seats. This was written for a product launched in the UK, Australia, and Asia markets.

“Are you ready to experience the joy of long-distance riding without the pain of forward-weight transfer from slippery motorcycle seats? If you can’t stand feeling fatigued or experiencing lower-back-pain after what was supposed to be an enjoyable escapade, read on.”

A Conversation with Ignasi Terraza

The liner notes were commissioned on behalf of the Ignasi Terraza Trio (a talented Spanish jazz trio) for a live jazz CD recorded in Bangkok in 2011, titled Live at the Living Room. I was asked to provide a review of the performance and perform a recorded narration of the written content, to be included over music on the final track of the album. Both the review and spoken performance were precisely spaced and timed to fit the needs of the production.