Are you ready to experience the joy of long-distance riding, without the pain of forward-weight transfer from slippery motorcycle seats? If you can’t stand feeling fatigued or experiencing lower-back-pain after what was supposed to be an enjoyable escapade, read on.

I kept imagining myself, comfortably riding the open road. You know that sexy, free, visceral experience of motion that makes you feel like you’re flying?

Sharing the experience

Well, I wanted to share that experience with my girl, but without all the annoying distractions. The head butting, shoulder pain, body slamming… Having to stop every so often because of the stiffness and aching limbs from all the forward-weight transfer.

Man, I love to ride my motorcycle, and riding with your girl is one of the most unforgettable experiences you can share. But all her forward-slipping and sliding made our joyride a struggle.

Is this happening to you? If having your travel companion forward-sliding on your motorcycle a safety concern?

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I’ve always been attracted by that crazy element of danger riding my bike offers but never taking risks when it comes to safety. Think about it. Riding with a sliding passenger is insanity. Yes! It’s unreasonable not to make time to resolve this safety problem right away!

Did you know not having the right seat cover can cause an ugly spill? When your bike’s weight distribution goes forward, it reduces the weight on the rear tire. Your bike will skid! For this reason and with your safety in mind, we worked hard to design the solution to this dangerous problem.

PRODUCT_NAME is the solution.

Designed for bikers, by bikers. A reputable product with over 99% positive feedback, designed with transforming your riding experience to the next level.

You have to feel the anti-slip custom covers designed with you, the passionate biker in mind.

This non-slip seat cover is individually measured to fit your bike. It’s handmade, offering exceptional grip for added comfort and safety! No more slipping and sliding! Convenient! Start by searching for your bike model and manufacturer.

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