Hello there! We all know 2020 has been an unusual year, but with this new production, my goal is to accentuate the positive and highlight the wonders of California and beyond. On Captivating California’s YouTube channel you’ll find new videos. 

I invite you to subscribe if you like what you see and do me a favor by watching until the end if you like the content. I’d love to hear from you too! I invite you to leave me a comment with your travel suggestions, like my videos, and share them with your friends. I will be highlighting restaurants and making short reviews. I appreciate your support in joining me on this journey while uncovering hidden gems and unforgettable destinations. 
Hi, my name is Joseph Zender, a well-traveled writer now living in Los Angeles, California. Through the power of words, vivid imagery, and short narratives, this spectacularly crafted production endeavors to offer a profound outlet for like-minded, perceptive travel enthusiasts seeking adventure, responsibly.

All our episodes are designed to showcase California’s remarkable experiences and vibrant local flavors, reinventing joie de vivre hidden within these unexpected, tumultuous times. I invite you to share positive and resetting travel experiences, while we build a better, uplifting future, together.


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